Unbeatable Spots in Oregon – 3 Places You Should Visit This Summer

Unbeatable Spots in Oregon - 3 Places You Should Visit This Summer

Unbeatable Spots in Oregon – 3 Places You Should Visit This Summer

When planning a vacation, there are a number of vacation spots in the US that have become popular tourist destinations. The US is a huge country of 50 states covering an extensive stretch of North America, from the north to the south. Important Atlantic Coast states are New York, a world-class finance and cultural center, and southern capital Washington, DC. Midwestern giant Chicago is famous for its architecture and on the east coast, Los Angeles is famous for its Hollywood production. On the west coast, San Francisco Bay is home to the Golden Gate Bridge, while Las Vegas, Nevada, is famous for its extreme gambling possibilities.

In terms of popular summertime vacation spots, New York City tops the list. With its impressive skyline, Times Square and shopping, it’s an ideal setting for those interested in shopping, the stock market or simply having a good time. New York City also hosts many other attractions including the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the most overlooked summertime vacation spots in the US is the Appalachian Trail. Hiking this scenic trail can be an exhilarating and completely rejuvenating experience.

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For a more remote hiking adventure, some excellent spots in the US include the Smith Rock State Park in North Carolina, and the Canadian Tzu National Park in Ontario, Canada. While there, you can also check out the Chatskill Resort and Spa in upstate New York. The Chatskill is considered to be one of the best Unites States Park locations, because it is located in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests. Hiking enthusiasts will find Chatskill Trail and the surrounding trails to be very rewarding and the best place to go in summer.

Oregon is another popular vacation spot in the US for outdoor enthusiasts. Known as the state park capital of the country, Oregon offers some beautiful scenery, some of the highest freestanding mountains in the world and plenty of great outdoor activities. The Columbia River Gorge is the location of many popular kayaking, whitewater rafting, fishing and rock climbing adventures. There are many other great spots in Oregon that can be enjoyed by hiking, camping and climbing. Other places of interest include the Zauhenah National Wildlife Refuge, Snake river and the Rogue River.

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Finally, for those interested in some hidden gems in the US, there are a few spots in Oregon that should be considered. Among them is reduction Lander State Park, which is known for its scenic beauty, history and Native American artifacts. Another Oregon destination that should be considered is the Pacific Ocean and its beaches, which are located near Grants, Oregon. Few spots in the US have as diverse ecosystems as do Oregon’s beaches. Beach vacations have become extremely popular in recent years, and these Oregon coast vacation spots are among the best beaches in the country.

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Of course, there is no shortage of great beaches in Oregon, and you will be sure to find at least one of them. But one of the best hidden gems in the US is the small town of Ashland, OR. The small town is home to more than half of the population of Ashland, OR, yet it is conveniently situated close to the beautiful Portland metro-plex. This is why Ashland, OR is one of the best towns to choose to spend your vacation time. Whether you want to kayak down the famous Columbia River or climb on the walls of the famous Mount Hood mountains, you will have plenty of opportunities to do so in Ashland, OR.

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