Tourist Visa to Dubai

Tourist Visa to Dubai

The tourist visa application form in Dubai can be filled with necessary information required by the authorities of the emirate before an individual can acquire a tourist visa. Most applicants for this visa do not possess much knowledge about the procedure involved in the process. Some people often make the mistake of not keeping a record of every document submitted along with the application form. These documents include the applicant’s registration fee, proof of residence or employment, passport or any other issued copy of the document and the like.

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The tourist visa procedure usually takes between four and fourteen days. This is based on the discretion of the authorities of the emirate. The duration of the stay in the country must be approved by the Dubai ruler. In some cases, the approval can take up to ten days. People from visa waiver countries can also get extensions if they can show that they will be able to submit proper applications for extensions to the visa.

The applicant for a tourist visa in Dubai needs to fulfil two conditions. Firstly, he or she should hold a valid work permit or employment visa. A recent passport or proof of citizenship is required to present proof of identity. Secondly, the applicant must have a registered contact number. Contact number should be issued by the concerned department in Dubai.

Tourist visa approval may be denied if the applicant has entered the country without a visa. For this, the applicant needs to obtain an exit visa beforehand. For tourists who do not have work permit or an Employment Visa, or those who are planning to visit the United Arab Emirates after obtaining a non-immigrant visa, the easiest way to obtain a tourist visa is through a travel visa. A travel visa will allow the holder to enter the country for up to one year.

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Tourists can also apply for a tourist visa to Dubai by applying online. The easiest method is to use the online system offered by the Dubai authorities. The application can be submitted online through e-mail. Once submitted, the applicant will receive a confirmation with complete details about his or her status. It is necessary to follow all the requirements mentioned in the confirmation. The confirmation page is sent to the applicant and the same day the confirmation is obtained.

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The complete procedure of obtaining a tourist visa to Dubai is quite simple. The process takes three to six months from the submission of application. The processing time does not include the processing of the applicant’s financial records. The financial records are returned after the expiry of the period mentioned in the notification sent by the concerned ministry.

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