Recruitment for Fruit Pickers in the USA.

Recruitment for Fruit Pickers in the USA.

During the harvest season, the need for fruit pickers is always high. These workers must be able to work outdoors for long hours and should have a good level of stamina. The average salary of a fruit picker is $22,000 per year. To be considered for this job, you should have a minimum of six months of experience in a similar field. You must have a clean driving record and have a high school diploma.

A fruit picker is expected to work quickly and efficiently. They are often paid by the bin or basket of fruit they pick. One article published in Huffington Post Business stated that a peach picker could expect to earn $16 per bin. In addition, the worker must have sufficient strength to continually harvest fruit without becoming tired. Aside from being physically fit, fruit pickers must also be willing to travel.

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To become a fruit picker, you must be assiduous and tolerant. You should have excellent physical and mental health. You should have enough strength to do all of the required work without becoming exhausted. You should also have a clean driving record. And don’t forget to mention how much you enjoy working outdoors! You can earn up to $40 per hour as a fruit picker! The average pay for this job is $16 per bin.

Although the average annual wage for a fruit picker is $18,670, it can be significantly higher if you are able to identify the high-quality fruits and place them carefully into containers. If you plan to work full-time year-round, you can plan to earn around $22,000 per year, plus the fruit you harvest. If you work a seasonal job, you’ll need a valid work visa to work in the United States.

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There are many farms in the USA that hire seasonal fruit pickers. Some of them will train you to pick the fruit with your hands. Others will use a small tool. A fruit picker must be willing to work in inclement weather to ensure that they get the best pay. If you can meet the requirements, you can work as a fruit-picking migrant in the USA. If you can speak Spanish and English, you may be eligible for the job.

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To become a fruit picker, you must have a valid visa. You can apply for this position with a job application form. Then, you need to apply to the State Workforce Agency to get a job. The State Workforce Agency will publicly post the job order. Afterward, you’ll need to contact the relevant U.S. workers and accept their referrals. Once you’ve received a job offer, you’ll need to pay the worker’s transportation costs and daily subsistence expenses.

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