LYRICS: Frank Casino – Black Metalic

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LYRICS: Frank Casino – Black MetalicSouth African hip hop scene can’t get any better as we have a whole lot of project to look at, one of them being the just premiered extended playlist “Heroes Of Tomorrow” by Frank CasinoOff the EP comes the song Black Metallic which we are proud to share its lyrics.


Bitch i go hard
My car super charged
Barely been on the charts
But I charge how they charge
No label on me
If it is a Versace then I put it on me
What a great way to start, no blesser
Hundred percent all mois, no lesser
My career vs yours, subjective
My income streams, all passive, aggressive
That’s a money machine, got a beautiful voice
Now they hear that bitch sing
Boy I’m married to the bitch
Man it ain’t no fling
And I’m about to get rich
Man it ain’t no thing
Man I maneuver
I tell the cats that are trippin to Uber
Marvin with leader, my dog and my shooter
Handle my business in ? don’t shoot up
? on my wrist man this shit is with ?
Blue-tick a bitch to switch my mood up
Y’all fucking with Freddie
I’m fucking with Krugers
Life is a real my wrestle more truer


I’m convinced
In my city I move like a prince
Black metalic Benzo with the tints
Dirty money on me, I should rinse
I’m convinced
In my city I move like a prince
Black metalic Benzo with the tints
Dirty money on me, I should rinse

Verse 2
Back on my shit
Flipping the script, how could I trip
Life is a trip
Tell all these kids I’m the kid that got rich
Knew that my summer would be looking like this
City of gold man still watching my wrist
Break for a year, is there something I missed
Haven’t been here, how the hell to I siz(sp)
Album on the way
Heroes of Tomorrow
And it started off today
You ain’t ever been real
You can never resonate
I don’t tweet how I feel
I ain’t built that way
A man of my word
Excuse me the grill got my speech in a slur
Need my cheque now, I can’t wait for the first
Hardly say much, just sit and observe
Sit and observe
A product from Kempton that’s ready to serve
My bank call me boss and my ? is a sir
I want this life to work how I prefer
A friend told me doggy get what you deserve


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