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Medical Facts Everyone Should Know from Doctors and Nurses


Ensure you read through.These tips might just save your life or at least make it a little healthier.

They can handle the truth
When it comes to your health, staying informed is key. In their own words, here are 16 medical tips that doctors and nurses believe everyone would be better off knowing:

“Nurse here. If you’re an alcoholic that’s admitted to the hospital, don’t lie about how much you drink. There are drugs we can give you to take the edge off of withdrawals. It’s safer for you and safer for us. We’re not judging you; we have safety in mind.”

“Just don’t lie to us,” adds another medical professional. “We don’t judge you…Remember always, we’ve seen something far, far worse.”

Make sure an “emergency” is just that
“ER doc here. Medical fact…’Emergency’ means potential loss of life, limb, or eyesight. It does NOT mean inconvenience, irritation, or chronic condition. Your sore throat evaluation in the emergency department is gonna cost you $1,000; go to Urgent Care.”

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“I’ve seen countless number of people…go to the ER for non-emergent issues, like splinter removal or the common cold,” adds an ER nurse. “And they get billed a ridiculous amount of money for their ER trip. Some of these people…don’t realize that their bodies will take care of these issues on their own. Urgent Care facilities are vastly underused.”

Watch your weight
“Keep an eye on your weight. Rapid unintentional weight loss is often a sign something serious is up.”

“Or [weight] gain,” adds another Redditor. “I was in the ER last night. Overheard [the] guy in front of me [say] that he gained around 30 pounds in two weeks and could no longer walk. Based off his swollen abdomen and wet lungs, I thought he was in congestive heart failure. He was roomed near me and it turns out that’s exactly what he has.”

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Immune system to the rescue
“Your immune system is one of the greatest assets you have, and you never thank it. In your life, your body will autonomously eradicate between six to 10 cancers without your realizing. It will fight your infections, repair microtraumas, and police the entire population of billions of cells in your body without your asking.

“All it requests in return is a little bit of health to preserve it. Stop smoking, lose weight. Maybe exercise a little. Don’t drink so much. Your diet is so much more important than you realize.”

Know yourself
“Most important rule: know your own history and drugs. Our EMRs (electronic medical records) are too inefficient to depend on, especially if you’ve been to many different institutions.”

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“What’s in the computer is not enough,” agrees another user. “Even if you are in the same town at a different health system, and we can see SOME of your data from your usual doc, EMRs are still pretty bad at talking to each other. If you have tons of meds, MAKE A LIST. Also, when you get asked…if you have any ‘medical problems,’ diabetes and high blood pressure count, not just cancer and heart attacks.”

Why your head hurts (probably)
“The majority of headaches are caused by either a lack of sleep or a lack of water. Consider these two factors before making a needless appointment.” But don’t let it get out of hand and land you into a hospital room

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