Immigration to Australia – Take a look at the attractive Australian cities and some helpful travel advice.

Immigration to Australia - Take a look at the attractive Australian cities and some helpful travel advice.

Australia may or may not be the home of the Wizard of Oz. However, it is true that the country is charming and that the natural and industrial wonders endlessly fascinate visitors. Before booking cheap flights to Australia, take a look at just two attractive Australian cities and some useful travel advice.


Visiting Sydney is one of the top priorities for most tourists who buy tickets to Australia. It is embraced as the most pleasant city to live in the world, and has many glory titles. The destination is part of the Opera House, and is the most luxurious building in Australia. The opera is also a place for stunning artistic performances such as theater, opera and ballet. Likewise, Bondi Beach, the Rocks area and Sydney Harbor are some of Sydney’s other powerful tourist attractions.

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Melbourne is another great destination to consider when looking for cheap tickets to Australia. With a lively nightlife, the city is famous for being the center of live music and the bar capital of Australia. Coincidentally, Melbourne is a corrupt cultural vessel for the Vietnamese, Jewish, Chinese and Arab people. This is clearly reflected in the destination’s rich culinary heritage. The most important sites in Melbourne are the Victoria International Gallery, Melbourne Old Town, Philip Island, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Museum, and Eureka Skydeck 88.

Travel tips and suggestions for Australia

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There are no minimum passport validity rules to visit Australia. However, travelers visiting other countries in the region from Australia must ensure that their passports are valid for at least 6 months. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to refusal to enter these countries. Travelers should contact the High Commission or the country’s embassy they intend to visit for more information.

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British citizens can visit Australia with different types of visas, such as e-visit visa and ETA. The electronic visit visa can be obtained directly from the Immigration and Citizenship Department without paying any service fees or visa application fees. Airlines and travel agents must take ETA at a cost of $ 20. This rule applies to transit passengers who pass through immigration and enter these countries during their flight. More information about visas is available from the Australian High Commission in London or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

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Passengers aged 75 years or over must realize that they will need to undergo a medical evaluation or health examination for older visitors when applying for a visitor visa. One important thing to consider before purchasing airline tickets to Australia is the fact that the visa applicant must pay for this test.

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