Immigrate to Australia from the UK, Find out the Visa Process

Immigrate to Australia from the UK, Find out the Visa Process

According to recent statistics, in the UK there is one of the most numerous visa applications for Australia. The state is also one of the largest populations permanently settling in the land below. So, for Britons who think the same, here is a simple guide on how to get into Australia.

One thing that many Britons love to travel to Australia is that getting a visa is fairly easy. This process is almost identical to the one you go through with other countries. So if you travel a lot, it’s not a big deal at all. For those who are unfamiliar, here are a lot of things you can do to easily get your visa.

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Visa Application

When applying for an entry visa, you must go to the Australian Embassy in London. Note that in the United Kingdom, as well as at the British Embassy in Australia, it is often called the high committees. Remember the term as this will help you avoid confusion later. London High Commission on the Strand. Here you will be able to obtain the application forms that you must submit to obtain the visa.

One of the most common visas that many UK residents present is a business visa, often the type sponsored by the employer. Note that you must first determine if the position you are applying for in Australia requires you to obtain a visa before accepting you or will allow you to obtain a visa after participating in the position. This is important because recent changes to Australian immigration policies now give higher priority to those who have already applied before applying, although the Australian Embassy makes special concessions to British citizens.

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Categories of Visa

Another common visa that many Britons get is a tourist visa. This is for those who just want to take a short break in Australia. Again, getting this is also easy. You can simply go to the Australian Embassy and you can get your trip within one to two days after submitting the request.

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Apart from the above, another way to get a tourist visa is to get an ETA visa, often called an Evisitor visa in the UK. The Evisitor visa allows you to instantly obtain a travel visa online. You just need to apply online and the visa will be automatically approved. Also, you can easily get it from the airlines or travel agencies that provide the service. Please note that UK citizens residing outside the country are not eligible to apply.

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