Five jobs in demand in America – Check it out

Five jobs in demand in America - Check it out

In America, as elsewhere in the world, the trend towards outsourcing business processes is on the rise, as more and more companies see cheaper labor costs as a way to reduce overhead costs and stay competitive. Economists predict that millions of jobs previously available on the American labor market may soon be transferred abroad to countries whose labor costs significantly less than that of the United States. It will be prudent for you to look for more stable jobs that can resist this trend of outsourcing. Here are five of those careers that you may want to consider if you are looking for a more stable job and career path.

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Careers in Medicine and Health Care

Nurses and medical assistants remain secure in employment in the health care profession. These jobs are even occupied by expatriate foreign workers because local supply cannot meet demand. Ministry of Labor figures show continued growth in these careers over the next decade. Local hospitals and clinics are still a long way from outsourcing their nurses and medical assistants, so you are sure to have a place to work when you finish your nursing degree or medical training.

Aspiring nurses can easily complete their education through online and on-campus education and training in less than two years. Massage therapists, another line of medical workers, are also not outsourced for obvious reasons of needing to be in touch.

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Sales and Marketing Careers

American sellers and salespeople are also safe in their field. Sales in various fields, including the medical profession through medical sales representatives, continue to come from local employees. Outsourcing these sales jobs is still a long way in the future.

It helps if you have a strong bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or marketing so that you can enjoy better wages. Of course, if you are the natural salesperson, even an undergraduate can still land a lucrative sales job.

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The teaching profession is also immune to the outsourcing of their teachers. Even if the influx of foreign teachers continues, the demand for teachers in local educational institutions remains high. Each year more and more Americans go to school and more and more teaching jobs become available.

You must obtain appropriate primary or secondary education degrees and experience to obtain larger paychecks in education. As you gain experience and influence, you can aspire to more paying director or administrator jobs.

Banking and financial careers

Another area that is less outsourced, if not at all, is investment banking; insurance too. Building on these careers in finance to give you a constant flow of income for the next decade will be a good investment because the banking and financial sector continues to rely on local professionals rather than outsourcing.

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And you don’t know? A career as a video player

While game animation can be outsourced from cheaper foreign labor, video game developers and designers remain in high demand in America. Trends show that technical expertise in this area will continue to resist the trend of outsourcing, as labor statistics show.

Software developers and programmers can benefit from relative security as they progress through their video game career.

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