Choosing a Career For Foreigners in Canada

Choosing a Career For Foreigners in Canada

Many people immigrate to Canada every year and a large number of those do not plan on staying long enough to actually earn citizenship. While some are fortunate enough to find employment immediately, many find that their dream job takes them years to get accustomed to. Fortunately, if you are looking for a way to achieve your goal of working in Canada you will have a lot of options open to you. There is no law that says you have to stay here as a temporary worker, nor is it necessary to prove any background of residence.

There are several different career options available for you, including sales, customer service, IT services and medical assisting. You will be surprised to find that sales is one of the most popular choices for immigrants. With sales jobs, you can actually work on commission, which is a great incentive for working in Canada. Customer service is another option, but it is difficult to find in areas such as Thunder Bay, Calgary and Vancouver. If you are interested in working in this field, you may want to start by attending a career placement agency that is based in Canada or within the United States.

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A second career that is available is the IT field. An increasing number of IT workers are leaving their home countries to find work in Canada. The majority of the work is located in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, although there are also more remote areas of the country that are becoming popular areas for IT workers. Another aspect of the IT field that is growing rapidly in popularity is offshore outsourcing. Offshore outsourcers make and deliver computer hardware, software and cellular devices to various parts of Canada and the United States. This allows the worker to get the highest possible salary and benefits while still living in a different country.

Medical assisting is a popular option for workers leaving their home countries. In this type of position, you assist doctors with their work. Some positions may require that you work directly under a doctor, while others may be more office-based. You will typically work in a hospital or medical centre setting, but you may also find work in dentist offices and pharmacies. Because you are not working for a specific company, you will have the opportunity to travel and experience the world around you. Working in this type of position can be very fulfilling.

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A final common career for foreigners working in Canada is the automotive field. Automotive repair and maintenance are one of the largest industries in Canada. Many immigrants choose to enter the automotive field so that they can stay in their own country and raise a family while working in Canada. This is an easy way to obtain a job because it allows you to work in an industry you enjoy and provide for your family. You may also find an opening for a position in this industry if you relocate to a country that has a greater need for automotive workers.

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As you can see, working in Canada offers a variety of options for those interested in a career change. If you are from the United Kingdom, you may be able to change careers and work in a career that suits your interest. If you are from any other country you can likely follow one of these career paths and find employment that matches your personality and skills. All in all, a career in Canada is a great choice for anyone who wants to find a challenging and rewarding career.

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