Career Prospect in Canada – Canada is one of the best places in the world to pursue higher education

Career Prospect in Canada - Canada is one of the best places in the world to pursue higher education

Canada is one of the best places in the world to pursue higher education or master your English in one of the many international language schools. Why do you ask?

• The international reputation of its educational establishments

Lower living and education costs than in the United Kingdom, Australia or New York / Los Angeles

• Canada’s large cities are very safe and have some of the lowest crime rates in the world.

• A high quality of life with many restaurants, bars, pubs and incredible shopping centers

• Friendly people and a diverse race

Although winters can be cold and long, it offers a unique experience for anyone who has never experienced Canadian winter and many outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding or just skiing on the slopes. tracks …

Because of the long winter, Canadians love to be outdoors during the summer months, whether they cycle on many city tours, participate in many international festivals, or simply stroll through beautiful green parks.

Carpenters needed in Canada

You sold me to Canada. What should I do next?

Well, here are some links (Google terminology) to government agency websites where you can find great information on obtaining a study permit and the procedures to follow:

Canadian citizenship and immigration. Immigration (Quebec)

To obtain a student visa, you must have been accepted at a recognized school, university or college in Canada.

Now, if you plan to take a language course for a short period, less than six months, you do not need a study permit. You can always apply for a student permit later when traveling outside of Canada in the United States or at any other Canadian embassy in the world.

How to find the right school?

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This is a great site that provides a list of schools in Canada (the schools at the top of the list are sponsors and no better than any other school.) Studyincanada dot com.

Check each school’s website. Read what programs they offer, what sets them apart and what the admission requirements for each program are. Ask your friends or anyone you know who has studied in Canada.

How to find the right language school?

There are many language schools in Canada. All of them offer excellent programs in English and offer an excellent experience. First choose the city in which you want to study. Winter in Vancouver is less severe, but the cost of living is high. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and has a major airport. City offers a wide range of schools and students from major international cities will feel at home. Montreal offers a unique bilingual city experience and an opportunity to learn French and English. The cost of living in Montreal is one of the lowest in North America and is therefore a very pleasant city to live in.

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In most cases, language schools are privately funded, although some publicly funded colleges and universities operate their own language schools. Compare the cost of each school and check if they offer preparatory courses for English exams. Check if it is in or near the city center (city center)

Medical insurance

International students in Canada must purchase private medical insurance to cover unforeseen illnesses or emergency hospital expenses. Most colleges and language schools will sell medical insurance to students at an additional cost. Another option is to purchase medical insurance directly from a Canadian travel insurance broker like this one.

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Some schools offer homework or short-term accommodation. Now, a homestay can be a great experience if you are lucky enough to stay with a nice family, which is not always the case and there is no guarantee that you will stay in the city center. You can always find short or long term housing on Craigslist or you can go with those recommended by schools or people you know.


To get to and from the airport, it is recommended that you visit the airport website and seek additional information. Off-road taxis are always available at all major airports. Public transportation such as buses or trains can take you to the city center or to certain specific hotels where you can take a taxi to your specified address and save money.

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