Best Places to Visit in Yangon, Myanmar for a Excitement Vacation

Best Places to Visit in Yangon, Myanmar for a Excitement Vacation

Myanmar is famous for its beautiful beauty and elegance. Thousands of travellers from all over the world visit here every year to witness the finest in Myanmar. Being the largest country in Southeast Asia, with an area of ??678,500 square kilometres, Myanmar has the most beautiful places in the world. A few days visit this beautiful Asian country is a luxurious trip. There are countless places in Myanmar that most travellers love to visit. Yangon, also known as Rangoon, which is the country’s capital, has one of the best places to visit in Myanmar.

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Here are some of the best places to visit in Yangon:

Shwedagon Pagoda – located in Yangon, Myanmar; It is considered the most famous building in the city due to its unique conical features. It is believed to be the most sacred Buddhist temple to the Burmese people. Its gorgeous golden appearance makes it even more impressiveóthe path of return built between the sixth and tenth centuries by Mons; Ethnic group from Myanmar. Buddhists come here and perform their religious rituals. Tourists come here to witness the extraordinary beauty of this unique building.

Dusit Inya Lake – a beautiful resort located in Kaba Aye, Pagoda road Yangon, just 15 minutes from the city centre. A place to relax and savour the beauty of Myanmar. There are many resorts and hotels around the lake to choose from, where you can spend luxurious and relaxing relaxation. The sunset at the lake is the most noticeable attraction on Lake Dusit Inya, where people can see the bright sunset, which is an ideal place to go after a one-day trip to Yangon.

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Myanmar National Museum – Located on Pyay Road, Yangon Myanmar. The museum houses holdings and historical masterpieces from Myanmar, including the “Royal Throne” of Myanmar, and bronze statues of the founders of Myanmar in his kingdom, i.e. King Bayinnaung; The founder of the First Kingdom of Myanmar, King Anwarta; The founder of the second kingdom of Myanmar, and King Alaung Min Tayar, the founder of the third kingdom of Myanmar. Also, visitors can get a glimpse into Myanmar’s national artefacts, including their collections of pure gold art.

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Chung Thar Beach – a newly opened beach in Myanmar, about 6 hours’ drive from central Yangon. Enjoy stunning views of the coast of Myanmar, with a fresh and relaxing breeze where visitors can relax and unwind. The ebb and flow here are refreshing, which tourists will love. It is bordered by seaside cottages rental where visitors can find a place to stay and rest. There are also shops in a nearby village where people can buy souvenirs and other marine life products such as seashell jewellery and ocean pearls.

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